Farda Design


from inner peace series

August 2017

The concept of this series is inspired by various aspect of human being’s characteristic and mind set which normally we are reluctant to it. What matters is the remarkable impact these structures have on both, our behavior and reactions to what we encounter.

FARDA looks for an artistic visionary to transfer this idea to a collection of conceptual wearable pieces. This collection is an understanding of individual’s action in terms of tackling different aspects of their character. Each side has a verified appearance effecting our operation. Regarding to Sigmund Freud’s theory our mentality is divided into 3 sections: id, ego and super ego. Whenever a person becomes able to keep a balance between these three parts, the self-peace would be achieved.

Id: This is the instinctive and wild part of human character which makes them to react rapidly without thinking in order to obtain temporary satisfaction, demonstrating the confused thoughts.

Super Ego: It is part of our conscience, encompassing morality goals, dos and don’ts which encourage perfectionism in human. On the other hand, all the repressions and restraints individuals face from their selves, their family and also from their society they live in convert to complexes inside them.

Ego: the most logical and rational part of our mentality which acts in terms of principles, constantly making people criticize themselves and self-assessment. This section is responsible for controlling people’s demands and adjust their behaviors to their inner conflicts.

Louise Joséphine Bourgeois piece: This piece from id series is inspired by one of Louise Joséphine Bourgeois works of art –French/American painter and sculptor who tried to illustrate the conscious and unconscious parts of human mentality regarding to Freud’s theory- ‘Cell XXVI’ is the name of her collection in which she demonstrates all her inner conflicts which rooted in her childhood, restating obscurant voiceless mental disorders.