Fashion Takeaway

Feb 2016

Throughout the world, everyone has a restriction bringing about their desires. Creativity as a unique property gives us the chance to originate new ideas and let them to be flourished considering the culture, economy and any other effective factors. Fashion Takeaway is an innovative idea which is a collaboration of the brands ‘FARDA’ and ‘PEGAHKAZEMI’ It has been shaped by the significant economic constraints and clothing restrictions that can be touched in Iran and it provides the opportunity that individuals from any social classes and with different tastes could change their styles. This idea presents various clothing components such as collars, sleeves, pockets and also pieces which can be used beside all types of clothes as an accessory. All of these pieces are presented in the form of restaurant takeaway to remind that, as we can combine different ingredients and find new flavors, combining different components of a single outfit -each one with a unique style and taste itself- let us produce new types of clothes that are exceptional. Fashion Takeaway tries to display the aspect of fashion, which is very easy to use and gives people the opportunity to design or complete their styles perfectly according to their needs and tastes.​