In the confusion of temporal orbits, gravity, mass, and physics take on a different meaning, and all that remains is information and consciousness. This information is archived in a space-time situation called Akashic. Since time is relative, our experience of its transition depends on the speed of our motion in spatiotemporal orbits.
In this series, which is designed based on disappearance and suspension, with the help of letters lost in time, we have created shortcuts to pass through time, So that, like wormholes from different space-time dimensions, one can experience time travel. These letters, which have long been in a dormant state, have been discovered in a place far away from their time orbit. In the path of the moments, riding on the train of time, they wait for the flow of everyday life. Looking for an opportunity to stay and belong, they find their way to the moment through the gaps designed in the form of a set of sleeves. These silent words and sounds, which remained in the coordinates of the written time, have been given identity and registered in Farda’s clothes. Thus, these clothes not only cover the body, but also become part of this awareness and information, entering the flow of life.
Abandoned words and archived sounds reconsider the whispers of fingers and the glow of the eyes, reminding us of lost tones, so that they may be seen in more legible lines, perhaps at this very moment, in another time orbit, someone else is writing a reply to these letters.

Farda Design

Write More Clearly, So I Can See You in Words

january 2022